Building & Maintaining

a WordPress Website

The course covers the essentials of developing a website using WordPress, including how to choose an appropriate theme and customise the site design to your requirements. We shall also cover useful plugins and tools that can add more functionality to your website, such as contact forms and email signups, tools to measure web traffic and user behaviour, and integrations for e-commerce.



• Pre-site launch checklist and how to pick a theme

• Getting to know the WordPress dashboard

• Planning website functionality and customising design

• Using plugins for marketing goals (SEO, email marketing)

• Analysing web traffic and respecting user privacy (GDPR)

• Optimising sites for mobile use and e-commerce


Learning outcomes: Upon completion of this course, the participants will understand the basics of creating and designing a new website using the popular WordPress platform, including how to choose and install plugins to customise and enhance its functionality on desktop and mobile devices.


Participants and requirements: This course is suitable for anyone working with online marketing strategy and tools, as well as graduates who want to further their career.


All applicants must complete the participant onboarding survey prior to commencement of the course.


Each participant will receive an attendance certificate.

Trainer: Diane Brincat

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