Train the Trainer Course

“The organization’s greatest asset is its’ people”. Each organization has a wealth of experience and expertise that has grown over the years, and that same experience and expertise can be put to good use within the organization for future benefit.


Although scientific management practices have long become obsolete, one form of traditional development still exists whenever there is a change in personnel within an organization – that of employees being trained and assisted by their fellow employees.


During this course, delegates will be introduced to the art of learning, with a view of identifying key personal competencies that allow a person to develop other persons.



Course Objectives:

• Describe the function of training in employee development;

• List and explain critical success factors in training design and implementation;

• Identify common learning problems and learning theory;

• Plan training programs for given periods of time;

• Structure individual and group training sessions;

• Evaluate trainee learning and assist employee development; • Appreciate and understand learning styles and learn to structure one’s style of instructional training to the audience.



Who Should Attend?


This two-day workshop is for those who are new to delivering training sessions or who are currently working in training and development but wish to refresh and expand on their existing skills. It is for professionals, managers and anyone involved in the development of others who would like to improve their learning delivery skills as well as for trainers in the training function.

Trainer: Robert Delia