Time Management Skills Workshop

Time is in fact one of the hardest resources to manage, where many people are unable to prioritize, plan activities in a timely manner and ensure tasks are completed within the set time frames. Participants will be able to expand the range of proven time management techniques to manage them more efficient and effective in their daily jobs.

Participants will be exposed to the importance of managing time, prioritizing objectives, setting effective time frames for completing tasks and understanding the importance of identifying milestones on the road to achieving their objectives. Moreover, participants will identify which communication skills to use constructively in interpersonal behavior, enabling them to develop more effective work- based skills.  


Employees, and other professionals who have grasped the importance of time management are able to set and achieve their goals in a timely manner and enhance company performance and profit. In today’s competitive environment, having staff who can manage their own time enhances the company’s competitive advantage.

Trainer: Robert Delia