Successful Data Warehousing Course

This one-day course is designed for business & IT managers who are considering a Business Intelligence and Reporting solution, project managers involved in the implementation of a Data Warehouse and also anyone who requires an understanding of how and why Data Warehouses are used along with the basic strategies for success.


This course will ultimately help businesses avoid the most common pitfalls and teach the five guiding principles of designing, building and implementing a data warehouse that will drive your business forward.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning the five guiding principles for a successful Data warehousing project

  • Becoming aware of the most common pitfalls in Business Intelligence projects

  • Understanding the value of a Data Warehouse

  • Being able to justify and plan a Data Warehousing project

  • Understanding the terminology & key concepts associated with dimensional modelling

  • Understanding what’s involved in designing a simple data warehouse

  • Understanding the methods of populating a Data warehouse

  • Understanding the importance of Audits and data cleansing

  • Understanding the importance of maintaining history

  • Know the different ways in which data can be accessed & presented to suit user requirements