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Soft Skills Courses

Time Management Skills Workshop

Time is in fact one of the hardest resources to manage, where many people are unable to prioritise, plan activities in a timely manner and ensure tasks are completed within the set time frames. Participants will be able to expand the range of proven time management techniques to manage them more efficient and effective in their daily jobs.

Public Speaking Workshop

People will always judge your ideas, but they will also judge the way you present them. Whether you are in a conversation with one person or delivering a speech to hundreds, this course will help attendees gain the confidence to think quickly on their feet, while providing them with the necessary techniques to deliver an exceptional speech or presentation.

Achieveing Leadership Success Through People

This course is intended to help current and potential leaders to focus further upon their own personal strengths and develop a winning mindset that will enable them to deal with the different challenges that they face in their respective environments. During this course, participants will be introduced to various techniques for identifying and working with their own and other individuals’ strengths, for the benefit of their organisation.

Customer Service Excellence

In our modern world of increasing competitiveness, financial-caution and economic challenge, the difference that makes the difference in taking a company from 'survive to thrive' and from good to great, is good old fashioned, value-added 'quality of service'. Even better than that, ‘service-excellence’ ought to be the ‘de-facto’ way of business and it must be delivered with enthusiasm and consistency. In short, you must deliver a service that 'delights' your customers.

Quantum Leadership

This enlightening and thought provoking training course is targeted at existing leaders, aspiring mid-management executives, mid-to-senior level leaders, managers or project managers of larger organizations, as well as SME sized business owners who lead or manage teams of staff and want to learn this crucial element of Leadership.