Social Media Marketing Strategy Course Bundle

This two course bundle aims to give a complete overview of how to get the most out of social media platforms used by businesses today, along with planning a media strategy & calendar.


Session 1:

Introduction to Social Media Marketing


This course aims to give an overview of the most important social media platforms used by businesses today. Participants will be instructed in the best practices for engaging with people on social media: offering support, dealing with complaints and writing ‘on-brand’ posts. The course will also cover methods to schedule posts, prepare reports from analytics, and launching paid advertising campaigns that target specific audience groups.


Session 2:


Building a Social Media Strategy and Calendar


This course will give you the tools to create a social media strategy that builds on your company’s marketing goals and put into practice using a content calendar. Participants will learn how to create their own calendars and use it to keep track of content and other media that will be shared on social pages.

Trainer: Mark Debono


Trainer: Diane Brincat

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