Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Course

Public speaking and delivering presentations is a necessary skill that successful professionals master to communicate effectively. The objective of this training course is to introduce participants to a logical and sequential approach to effective public speaking as well as preparing, documenting and delivering presentations. Through first-hand and practical techniques that will also be practiced during the training session, course participants will be equipped with the necessary skills to deliver winning presentations.


Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the importance of effectively presenting messages and communicating.

  • Understanding how to customize your presentation according to the audience.

  • Being able to communicate effectively and obtain the desired results from the presentation given.

  • Understanding how to overcome the barriers to effective communication.

  • Be able to use appropriate words and style when presenting.

  • Understanding the importance of examples, case studies, handouts and other material presented.

  • Learning to predict problems/issues in delivering presentations and eliminate time wasters.


Who Should Attend?:


This course is designed for all managers, team leaders, supervisors, and any other professional who would like to develop their presentation skills and competencies, enabling them to present formal and informal messages to different audiences either as a part of their normal daily work, or else for specific activities or events.


Course Outline:


Session One:

  • How to introduce oneself to an audience

  • How to understand an audience and change approach according to the audience

  • How to deliver messages and obtain feedback effectively

  • How to manage complex tasks and the uncertainties that may arise when delivering presentations

  • How to lead a group of people towards a specific achievement

  • How to use different media to deliver the specific message 

  • How to conclude tasks and achieve the set goals


Session Two:

  • Delivering the presentation: hands-on presentations by each course participant

Trainer: Robert Delia