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The most highly sought-after soft skills for 2020

The term “soft skills” refers to who individual team members are and how they tackle problems, as opposed to what they have been formally trained in or what certificates they possess. In a manner of speaking, soft skills are interpersonal skills which are directly linked to a person’s character, and they manifest most clearly through interaction within a team environment or in direct interaction with clients. Almost every job requires engagement with others to some extent, either within or outside the company, making these skills absolutely indispensable to any organisation.

While “hard skills” are undoubtedly essential from a technical perspective, as they’re the basic skill or certification requirements that team members need to possess in order to be able to complete the tasks they have been hired to do, it has been proven that in the long run soft skills are what give staff members an edge over their colleagues and aid them in progressing up the success ladder.

Let’s take a closer look at five of the most highly sought-after soft skills for 2020:

-Time Management



-Problem Solving

-Critical & Self-critical observation

As we progress further into the digital age, soft skills and interpersonal skills are becoming increasingly more coveted, with many organizations finally giving them the importance they deserve both over the course of the recruitment and selection process along with further development over time as it is becoming common knowledge that they will provide you with a more confident and self satisfied workforce that will sustain your company’s overall growth.

Should your team require a soft skills boost you could organise courses solely on soft skills as part of the employee on-boarding process, or you could add segments to your existing annual training content. In doing this, you will be assisting your team in communicating more effectively with each other along with your clients while also equipping them with the skills to actively listen and tackle difficult situations which in turn, will improve efficiency and heighten overall productivity.

The Agilis Training Academy can assist with all your training needs along with offering guidance when it comes to running an internal TNA (Training Needs Analysis) and consultancy services.

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