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Five reasons you’re the right person to be creating social content

Writing articles for social media may not be as hard as you think. This short post covers why you’re the right person for creating good posts about your business, service or industry. It’ll boost your confidence, if nothing else.

First of all, writing for yourself shouldn’t be that hard – who knows you better than you, right? If it doesn’t interest you, chances are, unless you work in the wrong sector or position, it’s not going to interest your workmates, clients, customers or peers, because you’re similar to them, you can think of yourself as a good judge of what’s interesting.

Secondly, write as if you expect people to read what you’re writing. No need for long technical words, clever slogans or perfect grammar. The only requirement is no spelling errors or typos. Write clearly, get your point across is the best way possible, you don’t need to be smart or clever about it.

Write good titles. Titles need to tell people what the article is really about, not just clickbait. Everyone hates clickbait. Write a title that works both on social media streams and in searches, as a lot of social content ends up being clicked on from Google or Facebook search results.

It’s always useful to share other links in your posts – it shares the love (other people write good content too) and also makes it more useful for your readers. This means that over time your blog is more likely to be bookmarked or shared as a go-to resource for particular topics you excel at. So share other great content in your posts, people like that.

Proof read!! Three times at least. It’s preferable to get a colleague or friend to check anything over before you publish, but even doing it yourself will save on 90% of errors. Professionalism starts and ends with proof reading.

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