Achieving Leadership Success Through People Workshop

This course is intended to help current and potential leaders to focus upon their own personal strengths and develop a winning mindset that will enable them to deal with the different challenges that they face in their respective environments.


During this course, participants will be introduced to various techniques for identifying and working with their own and other individuals’ strengths, for the benefit of their organisation.


Course objectives:

• View leadership from a new and higher-level perspective

• Discover and analyze your leadership style and tendencies

• Discover and build upon your intrinsic leadership qualities

• Understand, develop and employ the emotional forces within you

• Develop the critical interpersonal skills essential for leading others

• Discover and analyse your personal strengths and winning characteristics


Learning Outcomes:

• Accelerate career development

• Understand themselves and their potential more clearly

• Recognize their own emotions as well as the emotions of others

• Resolve conflict more effectively

• Improve their ability to communicate, influence and work with others


This course is aimed at all individuals who wish to improve their leadership skills and develop their personal power and effectiveness, including managers, team leaders, supervisors, line management professionals and project managers. 

Trainer: Alex Falzon

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