Customer Service Workshop

Customer Service Rep

Participants will be able to develop an increased appreciation for the importance of their role within the organisation, dealing with customers and ensuring that all clients are treated appropriately to develop customer service excellence. Participants will be introduced to the enhanced leadership and communication skills that are required to work professionally with difficult or unsatisfied customers. This course is also designed to increase employee competency and communication skills, focusing on the business objective of customer retention and revenue sustainability.



Session 1:

Module 1 – The Importance of Customer Care

  • What is Customer Care?

  • Why is excellent Customer Care important?

  • Effects of poor customer service

  • Quality Customer Service


Module 2 – Communication & Listening Skills


  • The importance of Communication

  • Channels & Barriers of Communication

  • Effective communication

  • Presenting yourself – making good first impressions

  • 5 levels of Listening

  • Active listening and its’ benefits

  • Becoming an active listener

  Session 2 


Module 1 – “How to” Skills

  • How to help a client

  • How to deal with angry or complaining clients

  • Being aware of ethnic and religious differences

  • Etiquette at all times


Module 2 – Taking Care of Yourself


  • Stress Management

  • Anger Management

  • Building lasting relationships with customers

  • Summarizing customer service points


Learning Outcomes:

  • Identifying key components that promote customer retention and loyalty

  • Utilizing interpersonal communication skills as vital tools in providing excellent customer service

  • Understanding the organisational structure as a means of improving internal communications

  • Developing the necessary understanding of internal and external customer expectations

  • Demonstrate how to deal with difficult customers effectively

  • Developing your ability to balance work and life pressures and stress as this affects the service we provide to our customers

  • Being aware of cultural differences with clients, and professional etiquette

  • How to build effective customer relationships for lasting business relationships

  • Being aware of the importance of product knowledge


Participants and Requirements:

Team leaders, supervisors, Account Managers, Sales team staff, Personnel involved with Front-Line Customer handling and Customer Care, and anyone spending more than half of their time dealing with customers.


Certificate: Certificate of attendance

Course Duration: 8 hours over two sessions

20 hours