Customer Service Excellence Workshop

In our modern world of increasing competitiveness, financial-caution and economic challenge, the thing that makes the difference when taking a company from 'survive to thrive' and from good to great, is good old fashioned, value-added 'quality of service'. Even better than that, ‘service-excellence’ ought to be the ‘de-facto’ way of business and it must be delivered with enthusiasm and consistency. In short, you must deliver a service that 'delights' your customers.


This training course has been devised with the fundamental belief that all change starts within the mindset of each individual member of staff. Therefore, this training is significantly more than just a "soft skill' or "technical" content training. Leaders, managers, and sales teams must be able to assess, understand and manage their mindset and state to ensure 'personal-best' performance at all times when they are facing customers, even more so when serving customers under pressure.


The overall objective of this course is to:

  • Instill a sense of personal responsibility, accountability and a desire for customer service and service excellence into the hearts and minds of your personnel.

  • Apply and build upon the fundamental aspects of customer-service within an individual's personal role within the business.

  • Learn how to communicate and collaborate with both internal and external customers using clear and concise communication techniques.

  • Equip delegates to effectively handle complaints, feedback and service quality issues.

  • Skillfully ask for and embrace customer-feedback A certificate of attendance will be provided to each participant.

Trainer: Paul Bellard