Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making Course

Brainstorming Session

Nowadays, organizations are faced with fast-paced and ever-changing situations, where decisions have to be taken within short periods of time to solve complex problems.

Consequently, individuals and teams are forced to solve problems and make decisions which require them to think critically, exceedingly quickly and in great detail. Training in critical thinking and the application of problem solving techniques to be able to make the best and most proactive decisions in complex situations is therefore a more cost effective way of gaining more skilled and capable team within your organisation. 


The course will combine presentations with group discussions, practical exercises, group activities and case studies. The course is delivered in a highly interactive style, and will be supported by practical examples to enhance the learning experience.


Session 1 - Critical thinking for success

  • Definitions and importance of critical thinking

  • Fundamentals of critical thinking

  • Strategies of critical thinking

  • Critical thinking & problem solving skills

  • Problem solving & related theories

  • Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

  • Adding creativity to your decision process


Session 2 - Techniques for effective decision making

  • Critical Path Analysis & Decision Trees

  • Enhancing leadership through better decision making

  • Executive Decision Making

  • Teams & Decision Making

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Common Decision-Making Mistakes

  • Ethical Decision Making


Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills to issues and challenges faced on the job

  • Adapt to different styles of thinking in a group or team environment

  • Tap into one’s individual creativity to generate original ideas and a range of solutions

  • Recognize and remove barriers to individual and group decision making

  • Improve productivity by thinking clearly and concisely, analyzing properly and subsequently deciding accordingly

  • Apply a systematic approach to analyzing a targeted problem and choosing the optimal solution


Participants and Requirements:

This course is intended for supervisors, managers and executives involved in complex decision-making. Recommended for professionals who desire to enhance their critical thinking, problem solving and decision making for better workplace performance.


Certificate: Attendance Certificate

Course Duration: 8 hours over two sessions