Business Continuity & The Pandemic Threat Workshop


In March 2016 the Critical Infrastructure Protection Directorate for Malta rated pandemics as the number one risk threat facing the country. Similarly the UK Government National Risk Register projects the probability of a severe pandemic occurring within the next five years as being between 1-in-20 and 1-in-2 with the corresponding potential impact ranked as ‘catastrophic’.  It is estimated that up to half the British population could be infected with as many as 750,000 related deaths. 

History has taught us that pandemics occur every 30 to 40 years. The probability of a serious pandemic occurring within the next few years is considered high. This could have a devastating effect on the population and billions could be infected while tens, possibly even hundreds of millions of people could subsequently die. While we cannot prevent a pandemic, we can prepare.


The very survival of organisations will be at stake and those that ignore the warning signs may well struggle to survive. Classroom teaching, videos, discussions, exercises and analysis of case studies form the teaching approach in this one day course. 


Our trainer has a flexible approach to training, making him suitable to both experienced senior management professionals as well as general employees of large organisations along with small businesses. He brings a high level of senior experience and professional expertise to his teaching role. This includes a Masters in Business Continuity, Security and Emergency Management, two Professional Fellowships awarded by the Institute of Business Continuity Management and also the British Computer Society, and he is also an associate lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. 


All attendees will take home a complimentary copy of the trainers 280 page book “Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat – possibly the biggest challenge facing organisations”


  • What is a pandemic and why they can be so life threatening

  • Seasonal influenza and epidemics

  • Evolving threats

  • Potential impact on critical national infrastructures including health services

  • Organisational preparedness

  • Pandemic planning considerations

  • Potential supply chain failures

  • Human Resource Management issues

  • Creating a healthier working environment

  • Validating your pandemic plan


Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course, participants will be more confident in judging situations of evolving threats and making consequent decisions quickly when faced with serious challenges in the context of business continuity.

Participants and Requirements:

No knowledge of pandemics is required although an appreciation of business continuity issues would be useful.


Certificate: Attendance Certificate