Introduction to Blockchain Development Course


This course is an introduction to Blockchain programming and the basic concepts required for programming using Solidity.


  • Module 1: Blockchain Under the Hood

This module will introduce the foundations of blockchain and will discuss topics such as architecture and consensus algorithms.

  • Module 2: Ethereum Basics

This module will explain what Ethereum is and how its implementation. It will also introduce Solidity as the programming language for Ethereum.

  • Module 3: RPC and web3

This module will explain how to connect applications with the Ethereum backend and create a two way communication between different components.


  • Module 4: Truffle and Metamask

This module will allow us to deploy our applications on test networks and how to connect to the deployed application.

  • Module 5: Solidity Coding in Depth

This module will expand in more detail the solidity language and design patterns used.


  • Module 6: Security

This module will delve into more detail on the security aspects one need to take in consideration when writing blockchain applications.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, delegates will be able to:


  • Have a better understanding of Blockchain and Ethereum

  • Possess basic skills to write simple applications on Ethereum.

Participants and Requirements:

Attendees must have a solid understanding of how Blockchain works, and have a good knowledge of programming in Java Script and object

oriented development.

Certificate of Attendance will be given to each delegate.

Course duration: 3 days