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Management Courses

Time Management Skills Workshop

Time is in fact one of the hardest resources to manage, where many people are unable to prioritise, plan activities in a timely manner and ensure tasks are completed within the set time frames. Participants will be able to expand the range of proven time management techniques to manage them more efficient and effective in their daily jobs.

Cyber Security Workshop

We live in a world where everyone is connected and dependent on networked infrastructures, this technological advancement comes at a cost if certain measures are not put into place. The aim of this workshop is to discuss how we can mitigate upcoming attacks as well as how to react to an ongoing cyber threat incident.

Public Speaking Workshop

People will always judge your ideas, but they will also judge the way you present them. Whether you are in a conversation with one person or delivering a speech to hundreds, this course will help attendees gain the confidence to think quickly on their feet, while providing them with the necessary techniques to deliver an exceptional speech or presentation.

Achieving Leadership Success Through People

Course Participants will be exposed to a range of different approaches to leadership and management practices, allowing them to identify and learn how to select those most suitable for their situation and personal style.

The Challenge of Egypt - A project Management Workshop

This business simulation will help address the common failures in project management, which is usually not lack of education or theory, but lack of understanding of how to translate theory into practice, or the lack of the right behaviour within the team.

Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyse data and share insights. Power BI Desktop transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to be able to monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device.

VAT Refresher Course

This course is intended to provide professionals, students and accounting staff with an extensive understanding of the most fundamental VAT concepts which are most commonly encountered in day to day work in order to arrive at the appropriate VAT treatment. The application of the correct VAT treatment is of paramount importance and failure to do so may result in various negative business, reputational and financial implications.

Train the Trainer

Course participants will benefit particularly on a personal level, as they will be able to develop specific interpersonal skills that are vital if one is to assume the role of trainer. 

Artificial Intelligence Masterclass

The objective of this Masterclass is to explain what AI is and how it can benefit your organisation.

Quantum Leadership

This enlightening and thought provoking training course is targeted at existing leaders, aspiring mid-management executives, mid-to-senior level leaders, managers or project managers of larger organizations, as well as SME sized business owners who lead or manage teams of staff and want to learn this crucial element of Leadership.

Understanding ISO 9001:2015

In this training session delegates will obtain a detailed understanding of the spirit, purpose, key terms, definitions and requirements of the International Business Management Standard - ISO 9001:2015 and how it can help your organization to streamline, meet and exceed customer needs.

Internal Auditing ISO 9001:2015

This intensive two-day course is essential for those required to carry out internal audits against the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Customer Service Excellence

In our modern world of increasing competitiveness, financial-caution and economic challenge, the difference that makes the difference in taking a company from 'survive to thrive' and from good to great, is good old fashioned, value-added 'quality of service'. Even better than that, ‘service-excellence’ ought to be the ‘de-facto’ way of business and it must be delivered with enthusiasm and consistency. In short, you must deliver a service that 'delights' your customers.

Understanding ISO 27001: 2013

In this one-day course, delegates will obtain a high-level overview and understanding of the purpose, key terms, definitions and requirements of ISO 27001:2013. You will learn how to identify risks, assess the implications and put in place a systemized, mitigating set controls to remove or reduce the likelihood of damage or loss to an acceptable level.

Internal Auditing ISO 27001: 2013

This intensive two-day course is essential for those required to carry out internal audits against the requirements of ISO 27001:2013.