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Financial Courses

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AML - CFT Open Forum

A series of workshops aimed at providing training on Anti Money Laundering and Combating Finance of Terrorism. These workshops can be attended by employees who are involved in customer due diligence and also by staff forming part of a compliance department.

VAT Refresher Course

This course is intended to provide professionals, students and accounting staff with an extensive understanding of the most fundamental VAT concepts which are most commonly encountered in day to day work in order to arrive at the appropriate VAT treatment. The application of the correct VAT treatment is of paramount importance and failure to do so may result in various negative business, reputational and financial implications.

AI for Banking Seminar

Our banking system is today facing increased competition. Innovative services are on the rise, thus rendering traditional banking which we have known for decades obsolete which may sound daunting for traditional banks, but they can be easily achievable with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the following seminar, we will go through the different challenges faced by banks in the coming years and explain how AI can assist them in their transformation.